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A common issue among men Penegra Tablet

Penegra 100 Tablet is included in the category of prescription medicine. Its primary purpose is to treat the major and minor issues men often encounter regarding erectile dysfunction. You might have heard about this problem with the name of impotence in men. This respective Penegra tablet helps to maintain their erection while they are into sexual intercourse activities.

The consumption of this tablet increases the blood flow reaching the penis. Most importantly, Penegra is the official phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE 5) inhibitors medicine category. Here you can know more details on these tablets and also info on Penegra tablet price in Pakistan:


Erectile dysfunction

How to consume Penegra?Erectile dysfunction is a common issue faced among men. If you are one unfortunate man who fails to erect his penis during sexual activities, he can consume this medicine by first consulting his doctor. Beware that you might have to face some side effects as well. Thus, the Penegra 100 Tablet 4’s regular intake may naturally help you treat erectile dysfunction.

To consume this Penegra 100mg Tablet, you can have it with an empty stomach or finish it with a meal. You should only have this tablet if your doctor has prescribed it to you. In addition, the Penegra tablet should be taken one hour before you plan to have sexual intercourse. Such kinds of pills only help you with an erection and nothing more than that. On the other hand, if you do not see erectile dysfunction and lack of sexual stimulation in your body, then avoid taking these tablets. A single tablet is enough once a day, and you should not exceed this dosage limit.

Side effects

The standard and general side effects offered by Penegra are headache, dizziness. In addition, you might experience blurred vision, muscle pain. Your stomach may get upset. You might face other issues like nose bleeding, indigestion, and trouble sleeping. Some men have complained of problems like bloody and cloudy urine and also burning, numbness. You may experience visual disturbances and become sensitive to light. Besides, some men have witnessed the problem of having a prolonged and painful erection and painful urination. They got excessive tearing in their eyes and excessive buzzing in their ears.

Benefits of Penegra

Most noteworthy, the Penegra tablet is used to treat problems related to erectile dysfunction. It relaxes and soothes your blood vessels and maintains the erection in the penis. On consuming a single tablet of it, the blood flow supply gets increased and reaches the penis section. Those men who think they are not sexually aroused can swallow this tablet on their doctor’s advice. Moreover, avoid taking this medicine if you have already been taking a medication called nitrates. If you do so, you might get chest pain.


Penegra tablet price in Pakistan

Cialis vs Penegra 100 mg of tablets contain Sildenafil. These tablets are now available in Pakistan. Note down that the Penegra tablet price in Pakistan is Rs 550 on purchasing its 100 mg pack.


Now, you have come to know the real purpose of consuming Penegra tablet! Thus, if you are looking for effective ways to treat erectile dysfunction, swallow this tablet. It may heal your impotence problem in less time. The arrival of such tablets has made it easy for men to enjoy their sexual activities. From this post, you have even come to know about the Penegra tablet price in Pakistan. Keep connected to learn more about the effective ways of treating erectile dysfunction.


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