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Delay spray in pakistan

A formulation with lidocaine is usually considered delay spray. It’s formulaic to delay the timing of ejaculation in men, which plays a role in desensitization, reducing sensitivity by maximally absorbing into the skin without transferring to your partner. Its purpose is to give desired timing for your partner.

Sex must be fun for all, which results in premature ejaculation in most men, leading to satisfaction among partners. It occurs with 30% of the men in 100. So, fortunately, with the advanced era, there’s a solution to this: premature ejaculation delay spray price in Pakistan . Delay spray in Pakistan is now used widely among couples as a cause of happiness. Now it’s time to bring more orgasms to your partner, and more joy left formula partner last longer in bed.

best spray
best spray

It’s a perfect time to sidekick sexy time with your partner. In a case study, 65% of the men reported lasting longer than before.

Premature ejaculation is not just physical inability or weakness. It’s your psychological Stress, too, that may be causing you to ejaculate before your natural time. The time in which you would have performed up to the satisfaction of your partner, so here’s a key to your lasting longer.

Below mentioned are the various causes of premature ejaculation, which may help you find your own.

delay spray
delay spray
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Anxiety-related to sex and sexual performance
  • Abuse of recreational drugs
  • Relationship problems
  • Delay spray Made by Germany
  • Others include thyroid and prostate conditions leading to the cause of PE.

Usage delay spray in Pakistan

These products have their dosage and recommendation, but in the case of this delay spray, it is applied 5 minutes before engaging in sexual activity.

After intercourse or sexual activity, this product must be washed off from the skin of the penis.

As mentioned earlier, it doesn’t get transferred to your partner. There is no need for your partner to be worried about getting rid of this applied product.

Another point to keep in mind is that it depends on how much quantity they need to apply according to their level of sensitivity. But you can’t use it according to your desired level of time. It means you can’t apply it more and more to double the time. You must apply according to the instructions labeled. For example, you can’t use it if you want to increase your time above the time the product can function. You can enjoy this product according to its limit.

Now, if you are planning to run for a marathon but you end up just running a 100 yard, it’s time for you to apply this product and surprise her this time with your words, The marathon. Plan your marathon this time and have quality time in bed with your partner.

delay spray in Pakistan
delay spray in Pakistan

Handling the bottle and planning to make her shout loud

  • Shake the bottle well before use
  • Hold the nozzle of the delay spray price in Pakistan bottle close to your penis
  • Push the delay spray in Pakistan nozzle firmly to release the delay spray uses


Primarily the active ingredients of this product are lidocaine and benzocaine. If any of the products you are using delay the timing, it has the exact mechanism of action.

Once you have applied it to the target areas, rub it until you feel any wetness. Use a finger or two in a circular motion instead of full hand-on to avoid unnecessary desensitization.

Please wash your hands after applying to avoid the spread of it to other body parts. After letting the product take some time to cause the effect, you can now see the magic.

In most cases, it takes 10 to 15 minutes to suffice. After it’s well absorbed, you can now run a marathon with your partner. Take her to Disney land.

Cost and pricing in Pakistan

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