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Things don’t look great for Brian Hill.

  • "There have now been multiple profiles written by local media about Qadree Ollison White Tom Waddle Jerseys , and they’ve served to reveal that the Falcons drafted a man with grace and wisdom to spare. There are few of us, I’d wager, who could live through his brother being murdered, be a rock for his family, and still find the focus and energy to be a hell of a football player. I’ve come away from learning more about Ollison with a deep appreciation for who he is as a person, especially after Jeff Schultz at The Athletic’s piece. The Falcons have committed, as much as is possible Tom Waddle Jerseys 2019 , to adding high-character players into the locker room. That approach hasn’t always worked out and it hasn’t always translated on the field, but it’s a cultural and organizational decision that’s difficult to argue with. Ollison is the latest (and perhaps most powerful) example of a team liking what a player brings to to the roster and prizing the mettle and decency of the man, too. Buried deep in this profile (which you need to read, along with Vaughn McClure’s piece on Ollison) is an on-the-field reason to feel good about Ollison’s fortunes in Atlanta. In summary:There’s a lot to unpack in that very casual statement from Dimitroff. The Falcons have a big back they took in the fifth round a couple of years back in Brian Hill, who was poached off the practice squad by the Bengals before returning and getting some late season run in 2018. Hill is not as large or in charge as Ollison, but he has power and some blocking acumen, so Dimitroff’s statement is a very bad sign for his chances of making the roster as anything but a fullback. The Falcons have largely tried to unearth bigger backs outside of the draft in recent years otherwise White William Perry Jerseys , with Terron Ward serving as the de facto option for about three seasons before the team unceremoniously moved on. Ollison served as a personal protector on punt returns at Pitt, showed power and surprised speed in college, and has drawn inevitable comparison to Michael Turner. The Falcons are clearly thrilled they snagged him, so I think you can put this one down in pen: Ollison will be the #3 back in this offense at worst when the season opens. When the Raiders got the Bears’ first-round draft pick in the Khalil Mack trade before the season, the Vegas odds had the Bears pegged as a 6-10 team. When the Raiders got the Cowboys’ first-round draft pick in the Amari Cooper trade in October, Dallas had a losing record and was a game and a half out of first place in the NFC East. At the time they made those trades, the Raiders thought they were getting two high first-round picks.It’s not working out that way.The Cowboys and Bears are now clear favorites to win their divisions William Perry Jerseys 2019 , which would put both of their first-round draft picks outside the Top 20. A division winner’s first-round draft pick can be no higher than No. 21 overall, and in the worst-case scenario for the Raiders (and best-case scenario for the Cowboys and Bears), those picks could be as low as No. 30 and No. 32 overall.If the Raiders had realized how good the Cowboys and Bears would be, would they still have made those trades? In the case of Cooper, they still might have: It was clear that Raiders coach Jon Gruden didn’t think Cooper was going to be a big part of his offense in the long run, and getting a first-round pick for him might have been worth it to Gruden even if that pick turns out to be No. 32 overall.In the case of Mack, however White Brian Urlacher Jerseys , Gruden is probably kicking himself. The 49ers have said they made just as aggressive an offer for Mack as the Bears did, but the Raiders went with the Bears. At the time, that was reasonable: Most people thought the 49ers would be a better team than the Bears, so the 49ers’ first-round pick would be worse than the Bears’ first-round pick.That’s not how it turned out. The 49ers are still in contention for the first overall pick, and the Bears are still in contention for the 32nd overall pick. Going with the Bears over the 49ers looks, in hindsight, like a huge mistake.And that’s part of the risk of trading for a future first-round draft pick: The compensation might not turn out to be as good as you think it will be. The Raiders are finding that out the hard way.There is one piece of good news for Gruden: His own team stinks. He could get the first overall pick in the draft that way Brian Urlacher Jerseys 2019 , and then two late first-round picks from the Cowboys and Bears.
      November 5, 2019 7:50 PM PST