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    Birthday party planning is the most important and vital element for a successful event. Allow sufficient time and plan ahead to ensure that you ultimately host a great stress-free party. Here's some tips and hints to help make your party planning more productive and effective.

    WRITE IT DOWN - I know it's obvious Alex Pietrangelo Jersey , but were you really "planning" to do this? Take your time and write everything down. You can't plan too far ahead for these types of events. Writing things down, working off a list, organizing the order of things to be done, will ultimately help you pull off one fabulous shindig that you envision, while making it easier on yourself physically and emotionally.

    BUDGET - Decide on a budget at the beginning. This will determine what type of celebration you may have and how much you can throw towards fun extras. If it's for a child, many things can be handmade, which could save a lot of money and help to keep you well within your budget. If you're having an adult party Tyler Bozak Jersey , you're probably looking at a much larger budget, which will require more ideas and a good plan of execution.

    LOCATION - Are you hosting the party at home and if so will it be inside, outside, or a combination of both. Perhaps you're thinking of a local park or renting a conference room or restaurant banquet room. Each of these options comes with a host of planning. For example, is there adequate parking, does any childproofing need to be done, any valuables need to be put away Alexander Steen Jersey , any weather concerns, etc.

    GUEST LIST - Do you need to concern yourself with nap times to ensure happy times? If the party is for someone turning 100, you'll need to be careful about having too much hoopla and wearing the recipient out. Basically, take your guest list into consideration and plan accordingly for any special needs in order to ensure a great celebration.

    BIRTHDAY PARTY THEME IDEAS - Brainstorm various party themes and birthday party ideas that you can incorporate to help create just the right party theme. If your child is old enough to help decide upon a theme, by all means involve them, especially if the party is in his or her honor. Think about a person's likes and dislikes, profession Brayden Schenn Jersey , is it a milestone birthday, favorite toys, sports, etc. All of these things will help you determine what the best theme to select is. If you're planning on pulling off the surprise party of the century, guess what, you'll have to plan, prepare Blues Joel Edmundson Jersey , and prioritize your tasks even more so for success.

    PERSONALIZE YOUR PARTY - Add special touches to personalize your party for the birthday recipient. For example, with a milestone 50th birthday you might consider blowing up some baby and childhood photos of the birthday person. A great choice is a birthday banner with a personalized message instantly becomes an after-party keepsake.

    PARTY FOOD - Everyone loves food and a successful party has a food table that is unforgettable, both in decor and substance. With children, you never want to let anyone get too tired or too hungry, so be sure to have plenty of healthy and fun snacks to feast upon. If you're hosting an adult gathering, do not scrimp on the food and drink. If you have to cut costs, do it elsewhere. Your refreshments can easily make or break the event.

    If you really want to make it easy on yourself Blues Carl Gunnarsson Jersey , opt for pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs, or chicken nuggets for a kid's party. Add some fresh fruit and healthy munchies like nuts or fun snacks like chips, and some punch and you're good to go.

    BOTTOM LINE - It's very important to have a good plan and to work that plan if you want to insure a successful party. Good birthday party planning requires that you write everything down, create a budget, plan a theme appropriate for the guests who will be attending Blues Vladimir Tarasenko Jersey , and don't scrimp on the menu.

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