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FRANCK MULLER V 45 T GR CS BR NR B Gravity Blue Replica Watch

  • Classic fusion gold crystal

    Hublot is proud to present the classic fusion gold crystal. The dial of the watch has the rarest form of gold on earth: gold crystal.HUBLOT BIG BANG UNICO SANG BLEU II TITANIUM BLUE PAVE 418.NX.5107.RX.1604.MXM20

    Each of our Classic Fusion gold crystal watches is unique and can be called a real one. Through our mastery of complex production processes, the integration of matter and design is achieved. We have been able to replicate the rarest gold on earth: golden crystal. From the dawn of time to the dial of a watch, thanks to our wonderful Swiss environment, gold will always fascinate us. Here we can see its most beautiful and magical expression. "
    Ricardo Guadalupe
    CEO Hublot

    The dial with the classic fusion of gold crystals is unique, exquisite, gorgeous, and decorated with gold crystals made of gold flakes. Like precious works of art that need to be framed, the dial is mounted in the black ceramic case of the Classic Fusion Gold crystal watch and is available in diameters of 38 mm or 45 mm. It is equipped with the HUB1112 movement, a self-winding mechanical movement and a 42-hour power reserve. The black alligator strap is sewn on rubber, allowing you to wear this rare item on your wrist

    Gold crystal, the rarest form of gold on earth
    Gold has always attracted all humanity. To understand the love of golden yellow, you need to dig deeper into the history of time and earth. Not long after the Big Bang, gold has become part of the universe. This means that all the atoms of the Earth have been here since they were formed (about 4.6 billion years ago). For a long time nearly 50 million years ago, ear veins appeared after the formation of mountain chains. Below the surface of the earth, water travels in its direction, with mineral salts and metals that are deposited in favorable locations. These metals include gold. Hundreds of thousands of years ago, glaciers eroded the igneous rocks of these gold-bearing veins. Gold is carried away by the water in the river and then deposited on the river bed.Urwerk UR-210Y replica watch

    When collected, gold was flaky. The conditions required to form crystals are very rare, and gold crystals rarely occur in nature. This is where Hublot engineers work by giving gold its most unique form: gold crystals.

    Hublot's research and development department will likely heat gold to its melting point in the purest form (24 carats), which will produce gold emission, which we can compare with steam containing gold atoms. The particles rise through this emission and then condense into a crystalline form when they reach the cold surface. They gathered there and became crystals with completely random shapes, which were never the same twice.

    The advanced dial maker then carefully picks up the crystals and places them in clusters on the dial. These crystals remain only 20%. Once they were sorted, they were placed on the black dial very finely by hand, and then imprisoned in a delicate clear lacquer, which took years to develop. This is a complicated operation because it must be performed in a vacuum to avoid air bubbles. This process is repeated again and again because twenty different paint layers must be applied to fully retain the crystals. The board then only needs to be polished to make the paint invisible and provide a perfectly flat surface.replica watches swiss

    Technical specifications
    Classic fusion gold crystal-45mm

    Classic fusion gold crystal-38 mm

    Classic fusion gold crystal-45mm
    Satin-finished black ceramic

    Diameter: 45mm
    Thickness: 10.95 mm
    Water resistance: 5 ATM (50 meters)

    Classic Fusion Gold Crystal-38 MM
    Satin and polished black ceramic

    Diameter: 38 mm
    Thickness: 9.60 mm
    Water resistance: 5 ATM (50 meters)

    Polished black ceramic and sapphire crystal

    Satin-polished black ceramic

    6 H-shaped black titanium-plated screws

    Polished black and unique 24K gold crystal,

    By Hublot

    Development of CLASSIC FUSION GOLD CRYSTAL – 45 MM
    Self-winding movement

    Frequency: 4Hz (28'800 A / h)
    Power reserve: 42 hours
    Number of components: 63
    Jewels: 25

    Classic fusion gold crystal-38 mm
    Self-winding movement

    Frequency: 4Hz (28'800 A / h)
    Power reserve: 42 hours
    Number of components: 63
    Jewelry: 25 belts and

    Alligator strap and black rubber

    Black chrome-plated stainless steel unfolding buckle.

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