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subjected to restriction too big

  • Around 5:00 P.M., two Indians came out train station export, one among those Human bodies Gao Jin Yi's meter eight, the smiling face is moderate, let people if bathe spring breeze.Weird BE, his neck is similar to the head thick, and still tie a plait.But another Indian height is about two meters, baldheadeds, the noodles has no facial expression.
      "Two Mr. Weis, come to Yang state tour?"By this time, Best Hunting Knife a short hair youth faces up and says in English, " we are left hands travel agency."
      These two Indian points nod.
      Follow behind this short hair youth, arrive at train station the highway in the distance not side, there is having one to see common of for-rent car.
      "The trace of Gu wolf, check more than a months just check, your dark hand, the efficiency is still true low."The apathetic Indian of that height about two meters is cold to hum 1, say one mouthful fluently English.
      That can smile apologetically:"That flies knife Gu wolf, estimate is with'dead shot''ground body machine'a post-war get hurt, just have been hiding don't appear.And in China, we are subjected to restriction too big, Best Hunting Knife hand also less, so, we are to check his trace just yesterday."
      "And Sun Ze and many Er Ges especially Luo's man those two small guy combats all get hurt, eldest brother, see to kill that to fly knife Gu wolf, have no some challenge, my a person can easily solve."That high big Indian says, world first organization'absolute being country'of triumvirate, the name is a big Fan respectively sky and Pi wet Nu and wet old woman.
      Three positions are equal, but talk about age, Pi the wet Nu is the biggest, is eldest brother.
      Big Fan sky and wet old woman, all extremely good Dou.But Pi wet Nu, more friendly then.
      "H'm, however also not ability the gist."That smiling face moderately ties India man of plait to say.
      The two greatest tycoons of absolute being country organization, take this for-rent car, go to downtown.
      After these two Indians left probably an hour, around 6:00 P.M., and then a person appear train station at the Yang state, this person sets out from Tienjin, sit train for a day, just divide to arrive Yang in evening cantonal.
      "Eldest brother gets on the car."The two public Pa Sa picks up this 4 people to walk especially.
      In the first Pa Sa especially inside, sit the being one to take a trip hat and be dressed in a thin man of the Jing of sporty elegance of rear seat is one side, then sits a Tian at him big belly, have pugnacious looks of middle age.
      "Your eldest brother also has him the cutthroat for employing and all died?"The Jing thin man knits the brows a way.
      "Yes, that cutthroat is soon clay-cold, the eldest brother died.Eldest brother he, dead at the den is inside the airtight way, still die two day behind, the maid sweeps den to smell bad smell, just discover the corpse of eldest brother.
      January 14, 2020 5:53 AM PST