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Still have two heavy cruise

  • deal with heavy cruise Class still almost certain.After the military officers are a burst of to whisper, the consignation rites of two warships finally ends.Send to walk Yi originally sand especially after, Yang Qiu's husband and wife's ascending has already prepared appropriate Anne sea to fight a row warship.Go to from here although Cairo isn't far,Yang Qiu still a choice fights a row warship.Pour not because is safe, but is fight a row warship is the symbol of national strength in this ages, if not that four Peking have to stay in Yellow sea, Shandong class to most soon consign till the end of the year, he doesn't mind to take the war row warship of biggest tonnage in the world in Mediterranean display for a while.
        Along with a clear steam whistle, Best Hunting Knife Anne sea and heavy cruiser initiative in Wuhan escorting escape from wharf, after a short moment sand especially two naval benefits are graceful class the light cruiser also jilt to open cordage.Form alliance a pact according to two countries, wartime sand especially the navy will automatically join 22 fleets until the war ends.However they combine to get into Egypt and escort to a canal entrance to start accepting training, then see circumstance is assigned a task by 22 fleets and war area commander's headquarterses.
        After settling down a good madam, Yang Qiu and attend to persons like Wei Jun,etc to ascend voyage warship bridge together.Is different from weird"town demon tower" style in Japan, the republic navy's style gradually and together Europe, the American warship island of four Anne's sea classes also changes after improving the similar Li fill to repeat same class with Wei inside give the warship island of class style."President, good news!Good news!"Just followed a warship island, Deng Hao Gan then the interest is blunt blunt the ground bumped to come in and suppressed don't live an excitement to make collective report a way:"Mountain originally 56 begin!Two hours ago, Japan assaulted Seychelles!British navy's tournament the sail mother of absolute being be sunk by the shot, avenger at Seychelles west noodles of the Milan Si run aground turn over to reply, pull the rice benefit Si to hide after being shot go into Seychelles the harbor light a fire!Still have two heavy cruise be sunk by the shot with four destroyers......."
        The news that Deng Hao Gan brings in a twinkling sparks the whole fleet, the afternoon of June 24, the Zhong is original 243 lead red city and add a He and Cang dragon and fly a sail mother of Long Hao Si Sao, Best Hunting Knife risky thorough look for Sa Mo of India fleet of Wei Er.Finally be Seychelles holding tight to prepare to continue under the circumstance that remain for a day, oil anticipates the east gadabout fleet in the non- coast, and with one action the shot sink include contest absolute being sail female and two heavy cruise at inside of seven warships.Avenger fights a row warship and pulls the rice benefit Si although sparing no effort to resist,still having no can escape by sheer luck, the former at on one's own initiative run aground because of enter water seriously occurrence turn over to reply to thoroughly discard, pull the rice benefit Si to also suffer severity, even if drag along to return to England can not battle for a year at least as well.At the same time, the Zhong is original 243 still destroyed the English here method navy's facilities and a great deal of battleplane towards Seychelles launching three air attacks, , whole all Seychelles reduce to ashes.
      January 13, 2020 6:54 AM PST