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also write a letter to call to build

  • Are this years for 1940 the beginning of the years, the political structure and form of the world is as confusing confused as war.From Philippines to Finland, blood rain falls thick and fasts cannon voice Long Long, India's disorderly bureau Zhang Bo Lun comes off stage, Qiu Ji the Er Be pre-eminent to appear on stage, Su soldier remnants the department go down south.When new generation star can the man endure long hardship in the isthmus of Finland for two months and finally bring the first news of victory for the Moscow in the worry anxiously and let the many people start floating to want to unite Pian again, particularly have been hoping that the Qiu Ji Er that English Su cooperates is by artifice driving out for Chinese navy's 22 centses, fleet, equally threw to go to seductive eyes to the Moscow while preparing to haggle for India problem.
    The many people didn't like this to just appeared on stage and then forget oneself in those early years is how shouted anti- Su, turned around but sent the fatty of special envoy to the Moscow, Best Hunting Knife but even if again overly critical of person, also have to admit that he really has uncommon taste.Although a lot of plans run before to make the military authority incapable too much is dint,is a politician his tough with nimble thinking, brought to invigorate for England in the haze with strong.Connect white hall all acknowledgement, consume Germany at east line endless ice snow in, is the best way.Certainly, he didn't also forget another eastern different soldier Tu to rise a nation, after taking a post the second matter be ordination halt China ambassador, Xu Ge Sen, as full-fledged member, draw together China, also write a letter to call to build up prime minister class private comity to Yang Qiu.
        "This dead fatty, well done dream, unexpectedly want to kill two birds with one stone."
        Inside the open-air coffee shop in the street side of Cairo, three young men rounding to sit is sampling tea's flavoring.One among those persons' have delicate features, holds newspaper to review the Qiu Ji Er of front page with the nozzle voice devoid of any merit, is particularly that to"kill two birds with one stone" really is make people have improper thoughts."Smile what?What about my black tea."Beautiful and slender man is exactly the whole body man dresses up of national strategic intelligence bureau Department of European Affairs senior clerk gold wall Hui.
        Gold wall Hui the newspaper cast away in a low voice private smile of colleague head up, started to carry black tea to just close lightly a half, connect to spit:"Pei Pei, what flavor?"
        "Senior clerk, the Egyptian likes to sugar in the tea, you compromise a point."The colleague of the left side carries tea, the vision stays around street opposite a take newspaper of Arabian man body up.
        The gold wall that once tasted Egyptian black tea the Hui don't dare to touch cup any further, the hands put the pedestrian and traveller who leisurely and carefreely hopes to come and go in Dou in the trousers, twist a head to see more than ten trucks of heap full cottons and ask a way:"BE our cotton car brigade?"
      January 2, 2020 5:18 AM PST