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Deficiencies on the defensive side

  • FOXBOROUGH Womens Marqise Lee Jersey , Mass. (AP) — Deficiencies on the defensive side of the football were a recurring theme for the Patriots during the 2017 season.An inconsistent pass rush and inability to get offenses off the field on third down were two areas New England sought to improve in the offseason.Following a 31-20 loss to Jacksonville in which both issues were again prevalent, is still some work for the Patriots to do.In last season’s AFC championship loss to New England, the Jaguars‘ offense got conservative late and it contributed to Jacksonville surrendering a 10-point, fourth-quarter lead. The Jaguars stayed aggressive throughout the game in Sunday’s rematch, going right at the secondary. Oft-criticized Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles turned in one of the best performances of his career, completing 29 of 45 passes for 377 yards and four touchdowns with only one interception.Jacksonville’s offense did a lot of its damage on third down, going 10 for 14 (71 percent). Seven of those conversions came on third downs of 6 or more yards.“We need to play better on third down on both sides of the ball,” Patriots coach Bill Belichick said Monday. “There were times where everything was a problem. Sometimes we had rush and not enough coverage. Sometimes we had good coverage and not enough rush.”The Patriots’ defense hit Bortles four times but didn’t get a sack.New England also may be without two starters next week when it visits Detroit. Defensive end Trey Flowers and safety Patrick Chung both left Sunday’s game with concussions and began the week in the NFL’s concussion protocol.Aside from their issues up front, the Patriots were also guilty of giving up lots of yards after catches to the Jaguars. Jacksonville’s biggest play came in the fourth quarter Telvin Smith Jersey , when Dede Westbrook caught a short pass over the middle from Bortles, picked his way through New England’s secondary and rumbled for a 61-yard touchdown .Belichick said issues with tackling and positioning were contributing factors on that play and on others.“A couple times they had the ball, they got the ball to guys that are really good with it, but sometimes we lost leverage. A couple times we had contact and didn’t finish the tackle,” he said. “Just overall we have to do a better job of playing with leverage and tackling and using our help and getting the runner on the ground.”Despite the issues against the Jaguars, safety Devin McCourty said nothing happened from a schematic standpoint that can’t be corrected in time for the matchup with the Lions.“It wasn’t like guys weren’t playing hard. We just didn’t play well enough,” he said. “When we watch the film, we will see that guys just didn’t play well enough. That’s how I felt. We got to get better. We talk about it all the time in the early part of the season in September and October. We just got to get better and stick together.”Duron Harmon, who would likely move into Chung’s starting role if he’s unavailable against Detroit , said the defense’s focus this week in practice will be clear.“We just have to do a better job on third down and getting the offense off the field and everything will take care of itself,” he said. Following this week’s trade of former Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco to the Denver Broncos, the groundswell of takes from most football media outlets was that the trade would ultimately be the..."Following this week’s trade of former Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco to the Denver Broncos, the groundswell of takes from most football media outlets was that the trade would ultimately be the domino that will lead to the seemingly forever discussed deal between the Jaguars and Philadelphia Eagles for Nick Foles.NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo even went as far as to say there will be, “mutual interest”, between the Jags and Foles in making a deal happen.The problem with this narrative being driven, however, is that this looks to be a unique off-season in that the players coming available at the quarterback position— Foles included— are staring at a market that simply isn’t there. Looking at the teams with the most likely interest in the position this off-season other than Jacksonville— Washington, New York Womens Ronnie Harrison Jersey , Miami—- shows a list of franchises not very likely or capable of throwing a major amount of cash at a player like Foles, who is going to be commanding at least the $20 million provided by the option he bought out of with the Eagles. Washington has Alex Smith’s contract albatross that make’s Blake Bortles’ deal look like a rookie free agent signing and frankly the team is an even bigger dumpster fire than the Jaguars from the top down. The Giants have been talked about as being ready to move on from aging Eli Manning for seemingly every off-season of recent memory, but it would seem highly unlikely they’d cut Manning only to take on another high-dollar contract rather than keep him and draft for the future in April or 2020. Finally, Miami is getting ready to move on from Ryan Tannehill, but all indications are they have an eye towards making their big swing at the position in 2020, when the draft class stands to be much more fruitful.Simply put, the Jaguars ARE the market for Foles or any of the mid-tier veterans that will be available come March 13th, should he hit free agency. Which means that Tom Coughlin doesn’t have to make any unnecessary trades or sign Foles to a contract relatively as lucrative as the one they reportedly seriously considered last year when Kirk Cousins became available, yet turned down because the price was simply too high Will Richardson Jersey , (they were correct here, by the way).The Jaguars can sit back and force the Eagles into desperation and into moving Foles to another team while taking as high of draft collateral as they can muster, or allow the market with Foles to come to them should Philly decide to let him walk, which is why I don’t believe in the end Nick Foles is starting for the Jaguars on September 8th. I do believe the team will have heavily discussed Foles as an option, but at the end of the day they will pass on getting into any bidding wars for the quarterback and Philadelphia will find a suitor willing to part with the draft picks they covet. Besides, the Jaguars are going to be too busy ensuring they get the quarterback they have coveted since the fall, Dwayne Haskins.
      January 1, 2020 10:47 PM PST