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whole the recovery come over

  • Is what things?Why didn't bombard a voice?Save me, save me."Is like judgment day in the world in the Holy Bible, the meteor is like the appearance of rain, deeply stimulate a non-commissioned officer soldier of Su, the terrible atmosphere continuously spreads.Connect Zhao Hao Wen and prepare to cross river of national defense soldier the warrior is all dumbstruck, until flank of the bridging car rush at river shore, everyone just wake up from shocked."Work well preparation, run according to 33 military tacticses.The head that depresses you, the Jue rises a bottom and makes use of more bunker.To loudly yell while taking the offensive, see clear target, probably that a head of drills of is your brothers!"
        Four bridging tank initiatives hurtle to the river bank, Best Hunting Knife a piece of piece of fold type the pontoon bridge be opened to throw into course of river, brave of the engineer corps neglect to stab bone river water and directly jump down river to grasp, living to throw a leading of a rope to bind the behind is at the skin rowling."Machine gun, the war defends cannon!Shoot, shoot, don't make them install pontoon bridge!"Meanwhile, drive just that act shake foolish Su soldier military officer on the whole the recovery come over, regardless of the everywhere corpse press soldier to open fire to the pontoon bridge.A cake of folds after pontoon bridge throw down, the second's folding pontoon bridge is thrown into river.The freshet expects breadth to reach to the course of river of 110 meters in spring and need to be four pieces of to fold then pontoon bridge can put together to answer, so the engineer corps simultaneously drag along pontoon bridge to put opposite shore fixedly, simultaneously clime to behind of pontoon bridge, use long long ground the bamboo pole hook mourn in the behind.
        In several minutes most the pontoon bridge of head arrive opposite shore, the engineer corp runs out all energies to fix thick cordage in the near the bank.More engineer corps hurtling up hasn't assembled good pontoon bridge and reinforce with steel plate and stud bolt.Numerous bullets nearby brush past from they, the explosion arises of water pillar closely, a lot of talented persons run up to play to shoot for the quilt, they finally have to crawl bridge up, by hand the handle knob delivers of the way is from the behind once connects spare parts to fix four pieces of pontoon bridges together.
      December 31, 2019 10:50 PM PST