World of Warcraft level cap is reduced to 60
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World of Warcraft level cap is reduced to 60

Posted By Ambroise Pierre     Nov 18    


World of Warcraft level cap is reduced to 60



Overview: The current top level players will be compressed to level 50 and then upgraded to level 60 during the Shadowlands expansion.



At the World of Warcraft Forum at the Blizzard Carnival in 2019, players got more news about the new version of World of Warcraft. Now, when you start creating a new character, you will start from the beginning of a new area, step by step to a high level, in the process, you will enjoy the game and make more friends. When you reach level 10, you can choose an extension from level 10 to level 50. From there you can enter the Shadowlands. Each level unlocks a new ability, talent, or other upgrade so that each level makes sense. Use Vanilla WOW Gold Can speed up the upgrade!



This means that the player can more easily upgrade the entire piece of information and experience the complete storyline. In the process, the user experience is perfect and coherent. You can experience the smooth flow of the whole process, and there will be no missing. You don't have to worry about jumping from one area to another or going too far beyond the content. Characters like Demon Hunter and Death Knight will start directly at level 10. Now buy gold at MMOWTS and be able to ship quickly within 10 minutes, players don't have to wait too long!




Blizzard revealed at the Blizzard Conference in 2019 today that the level compression of World of Warcraft: Shadow Zone will reduce the level limit to 60. This is good news, because the level of cruelty has become higher and higher, so most players do not have too much difference. But as the level is compressed, all current top level players will be reduced to level 50 and then upgraded to the new 60 level limit during the Shadowlands expansion.



The details are still unclear, but the accuracy will be greatly guaranteed, explaining all the new features that will be available in Shadowlands. If you are not familiar with World of Warcraft, level compression simply means changing the level of power when players gain experience and gain new levels. Level squeezing simply means changing the level of strength of the player as they gain experience and gain new levels. As the level limit is lowered, players will have more access to game content like raiding, and players don't have to spend too much time exploring the old areas. This will also help Blizzard better balance and adjust the role status.