World of Warcraft: The Shadow of the Earth will come out next year
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World of Warcraft: The Shadow of the Earth will come out next year

Posted By Ambroise Pierre     Nov 17    


World of Warcraft: The Shadow of the Earth will come out next year




Foreword: The Lich King was killed by the rebellious windrunner Sylvanas and the players went to the afterlife




World of Warcraft: The Shadow of the Earth is in full production, so that it can be listed on time according to the release plan. The reason for the new version is that Sylvanas does not consider the Lich King to be a qualified ruler. During the Blizzard Carnival, the movie and game trailers of The Shadows Land implied the decline of the Lich King rule. The progress leads the players into the future and looks forward to what will happen in the afterlife.




Sylvanas stated in the trailer: She is lamenting the rule of the Lich King. At the same time, she is also convinced that she will lead a revolution, no king can continue to rule. She warned before attacking the Lich King that the Lich King slowly rose from the throne, and the gleaming red eyes quickly turned into a cold blue. During the fierce struggle between them, the Lich King used all the favorable factors to attack Sylvanas, but Sylvanas defeated the Lich King and took away his crown and power. At the same time, the Lich King warned her that power will become your prison and bind you in it. Sylvanas is not a problem. The world is a prison. I will let all people be free. And she opened the door to the afterlife through the Icecrown Fortress.




Blizzard also released a trailer for the future world preview on BlizzCon, in which the player not only learned about the future of the world, but also the gameplay of the upcoming new game. The new story brings surprises to the players, but also makes me more expectation and excitement. Attentive players can see four more areas in the new expansion, Revendreth, Ardenweald, Maldraxxus, and Bastion. We also saw when we were asked to commit faith to one of the covenants that ruled each region. Look like.


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Blizzard game director Hazzikostas revealed more details of the game at the Carnival, and Revendreth is a dark secret place. Ardenweald is a "magic mysterious forest" living under the rule of Night Fae. Maldraxxus is the stronghold of the castle, while the fortress is to maintain order. WOW Classic Power Leveling can help you quickly upgrade in World of Warcraft and avoid wasting the necessary time. If players want to upgrade quickly and get a lot of equipment, then it's perfect for you.