Madden 20: TOTW 10 predicts MUT this week's best team 10

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Madden 20: TOTW 10 predicts MUT this week's best team 10

Posted By William William     November 17, 2019    


As always, there are many plays. The New York Jets won the New York battle, the Atlanta Falcons defeated the New Orleans Saints, Lamar Jackson continued to move toward the MVP, and the Tennessee Titans defeated Patrick Mahomes and defeated the Kansas City Chiefs.

Not long ago, when Adams compared himself to Aaron Donald and Tom Brady, many people were offended. Well, if you watch him this week, you won't be accused of thinking that he is talented.For the player, having more Madden Coins can get a better experience in the game.

To beat the Kansas City Chiefs (along with Patrick Mahomes), at least some players need to make a huge effort. Titan got it from Henry. The bulldozer runners carried out a total of 188 yards and completed two touchdowns in only 23 times. He carried the team on the head of the chief.

We have predicted that Fitzpatrick has now become a defensive hero for two weeks, and this week must be the week he got. For the third consecutive week, Fitzpatrick intercepted him, the fourth of his three games and let the Steelers beat the Los Angeles Rams. Also, he also got an early recovery and got a touchdown at the start of the game, which in itself won the game. This is his second defensive touchdown this year.

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